Extracurricular Activities: new adult/college
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Themes: College roommates, OFY, Jock-Loner, first time lovin', OMG-my-kindle-is-on-fire!!! heat rating.


Themes: Rivals to lovers, OFY, opposites attract, first time lovin', second chances, new adult, high heat level.

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Themes: friends-to-lovers/roomies-to-lovers, size difference, OFY, opposites attract, stuck in a dryer shenanigans

Rhythm of Love: contemporary
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Themes: Rockstars, friends-to-lovers, snark galore, sexual tension that goes KABOOM.

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Themes: Age gap, boss-employee, snark fest, Sunbeam/Grumpypants, feel good story. 

Nook Island: contemporary

Themes: Age gap, angst, hurt-comfort, slow burn, tissues-required.