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Welcome to the middle

“Begin at the beginning and go on till you come to the end; then stop.”

Lewis Carroll said that.


But trying to begin at the beginning is the reason I was never good at diaries when I was young. I loved to collect them and look at the covers, imagining how I would fill them. And then I would become paralyzed by the huge task of starting from my birth and working my way up to the present. After all, birth was where I began, right? But hey, I was young. And apparently very literal.

So, I’m taking a different tack this time and beginning in the middle. Right this very second on a blistering hot August day in the hinterlands of the Southern United States:

So welcome to the middle of things. I’m Neve Wilder. I am a writer and I’ve loved writing for a long damn time. I am in the middle of editing one book, working on the second draft of another, and polishing off a couple of short stories and a novella. I can’t wait to kick those babies out of the nest and see if they’ll sprout wings.

This is the place where I will share things I write, talk about writing stuff, and nerd out about writing and books in general. Particularly m/m romance, which is where my heart is.

You can nerd out with me, too, here or on Facebook or Instagram. I hope you will!  

On Facebook: here

Facebook Page: here 

Instagram: @nevewilder

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Just finished with "Watch Me" and glad there will be more to follow. I liked both characters and their dedication to their "studies". Since it started as it did, I think it will be interesting to see what you do with the follow-ups. Bill

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